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Body Video Instructions Updated 7/16/2023 12:27:22 PM

Early Ford Bronco Roof Rack Rhino-Rack Installation

Watch and learn as Matt installs the early Ford Bronco Roof Rack system by TOMS OFFROAD x Rhino-Rack on Jason’s Bronco.


  1. Working with the perimeter side rails and front crossbar laying upside down, pop apart each corner piece to insert top half into each end of the rails that run along your Bronco’s drip gutter, connecting those side rails to the front crossbar. Attach corners using a total of 4 screws each. Using the provided long Phillips bit works best for this application.!

  2. Before attaching the back crossbar, slide in 10 T-bolts in the upper grooves (five per groove) on each side rail.

  3. Now space out your runners against the front crossbar and insert 7 T-bolts into each of the runner’s grooves.

  4. Attach each runner to the front crossbar by lifting up the front bar and sliding the runner’s two t-bolts under and through the holes of the front bar. Tighten each nut, first with a drill until just snug, and then finish by torquing with the provided T-wrench once all pieces are snug and aligned.

  5. Now you can attach the back crossbar to the side rails.

  6. Align the runners and follow the same procedure as step 4 above for attaching it to the back crossbar. Finish by torquing the nuts.

  7. Lay the crossbars in place. Three of the five (front, middle, and rear) need to line up with the tabs on the gutter rail mounts, with the two closer tabs placed near the back of your hard top.  Tip: Slide your crossbar along the runners to line up the t-bolts and then catch them by lifting the bar and dropping down onto the bolts.

  8. Once you have your crossbars in place, loosely attach the nuts for now. Later you’ll test fit the rack to your hard top, adjusting as necessary.

  9. Attach the four bottoms of the corner pieces with 3 screws.

  10. Next, attach the gutter side rails by inserting two of the elongated t-bolts into the front, middle, and rear crossbar’s middle gap and sliding one to each side of the crossbar.

  11.  Place the rubber protection pieces onto the feet of the gutter rail.

  12. Attach the gutter rail’s tabs onto the crossbar t-bolts.

  13. Now is the time to test fit to your hard top. Once you have the crossbars appropriately placed for your top, snug a few key pieces down before bringing it back down to tighten.

  14. After test fitting, mark where the gutter rails are on the crossbars, before sliding them out of the way to torque the crossbar nuts below them. That way you can slide the gutter rails back to your marks.

  15. Make sure all the crossbar nuts are torqued and then tighten down the gutter rails back to their marks.

  16. Place the rack on your hard top to attach the gutter clamps.

  17. Attach each gutter clamp by first placing the metal clamp over the gutter rail foot, followed by the plastic clamp cover, loosely screwing them in with the provided hardware.

  18. Once all the brackets are clamped down, you can go around and snug them all up.

With your rack mounted securely, you can hit the trails with the roof loaded up… so there’s more room in the Bronco for the kids.  We want to be clear; the kids go inside the vehicle. With safety belts.

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  • Provided: T-wrench (Torque wrench will click when it’s tight enough to prevent stripping your hardware.
  • Provided: 8mm Socket
  • Provided: Long Phillips Bit
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Power drill (optional)

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