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Drivetrain Instructions Schematic Updated 7/17/2023 4:26:01 PM

Heim Joint Steering Linkage – HD Knuckle Over Conversion

66-77 Early Ford Bronco Heim Joint Steering Linkage – HD Knuckle Over Conversion Diagram


  1. Raise the front of the bronco and set the axle housing on jack stands.

  2. Turn front tires straight.

  3. Measure the distance between the tires, front & back of tires, record the measurements.

  4. Remove existing steering linkage and tie rods.

  5. Drill 3/4 clearance hole in both knuckles and pitman arms.

  6. Assemble linkage by installing rod ends and jam nuts into linkage.

  7. Following diagrams install linkage standard or over knuckle.

  8. After installing lock nut on 3/4 bolts torque the nuts to 451bs

  9. We recommend installing the supplied carter pins by drilling a 1/8 hole through locking nuts and 3/4 bolts and installing the carter pins.

  10. Check the measurement of the tires against the recorded measurements.

  11. Adjust the toe in by turning the drag link forward ( clock wise) to pull toe end in and reverse ( counter clock wise) to push toe end out.*

  12. Once the desired measurement is reached, tighten the jam nuts on the rod ends to lock into place.

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