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Body Instructions Updated 7/17/2023 7:02:42 AM

TOMS OFFROAD Floor Board Insulation Kit Instructions

Prior to installation of the TOMS OFFROAD Floor Board Insulation Kit, please be sure to properly prep the interior surfaces. Interior surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned and painted prior to installation. If you do not clean the surface completely, the adhesive material will eventually come loose from the panels. Ensure that the interior surfaces are completely dry and temperature of the surface is above 70 degrees at time of installation.

Package Contents:

8 x Heat Barrier Insulation Panels

1 x Can Foam & Fabric Spray Adhesive

1 x Roll Reflective Aluminum Tape

Sound Dampener Material:

1 x #1 Pad

5 x #4 Pad

4 x #2 Pad

3 x #5 Pad

10 x #3 Pad


  1. Apply the Sound Dampener Pads. Lay out the sound dampener pads according to the above schematic ensuring that all pads are in their proper location. Once you have laid out and verified all of the sound dampener pads, remove the protective film from the back of the pads to expose the self-adhesive surface and stick the pads in place. Then take a wallpaper seam roller and work it across the dampener pads to remove any air gaps between the pads and the floor surface to ensure the pads are firmly adhered to the floor.

  2. Apply the Heat Barrier Insulation Panels. Lay out the heat barrier insulation panels as shown on the above schematic, reflective side up. Be sure to butt each of the panels up tightly to each other to eliminate any seams in the insulation. This may require some minor clipping with scissors in some areas. To work as a guide during the glue-down process, trace the edge of each barrier panel with a felt tip marker on the floor.


    Spray adhesive on the fibrous side of a panel to be installed and set aside. At the same time, spray adhesive to the corresponding portion of the floor that the panel will be installed on. Let sit for a couple minutes until the adhesive becomes tacky. Once the glue has become tacky, lightly place the heat barrier panel into position using the markings you made on the floor as a guide. Once you are happy with the placement of the panel, permanently adhere the panel to the floor by pressing it firmly in place using hand pressure, smoothing the panel as you go.

    Repeat this process for each of the remaining heat barrier panels. 

  3. Once all panels are in place, complete the installation by applying the reflective aluminum tape to all seams and edges of the heat barrier panels, pressing along the full length of the tape to adhere it to the panels and the floor.

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